What people say about Pueblo's Longevity Chiropractic

Dr. Krysta has helped my little guy since he was 3 months old!!! She's helped with acid reflux, sleeping, and just all around feeling good and being a well adjusted baby! We love Dr. Krysta and Dr. Derek!

Sharla Musso

Excellent customer service over the phone- got in asap- and they made the family feel like a priority! Paid attention to the tiniest details. Definitely recommend these two. One even lent a hand playing with the little one during one visit while I got worked on so we could all stay stress free! 

Betty Paige

Just want to thank you guys so much for helping me out. After tweaking my back and not being able to walk or stand up straight, you had me back to normal after 3 treatments. Also, a huge thanks for treatment to my nine month old son. His non-stop crying stopped after just one treatment! He started sleeping through the night too.. I would highly recommend you guys to anyone.

Donny Olson

I can't say enough good things about these people. I have introduced my wife and even my 12 year old daughter to Krysta and Derek. I am a fireman and an avid Crossfiter and couldn't imagine doing either at a high level without them. From Mobility to nutrition the conversation is always educational. I cannot tell you how happy I am to have found them in our community.

Tim Trujillo

*Highly recommend!!* Dr Krysta and Dr Derek are great!! Both are very knowledgable and exceptional chiropractors! The whole family got adjusted including our newborn, and we've never felt better! Amazing what they can do!! My baby's digestive issues and fussiness have improved 100%. she even started sleeping through the night...at 8 weeks old!! Thank you guys again! YOU ROCK! :-)

Chelsea Berckefeldt

This is, by far, the MOST CARING chiropractic office I've ever been to!

Melody McLain

Dr. Krysta and Dr. Derek are amazing chiropractors. They care so much about their patients and love what they do. Dr. Krysta adjusted me during my pregnancy and now adjusts myself and my baby girl! Plus we love to come in and play with Hartlee.

Patricia Peterson

Dr. Krysta and Dr. Derek are amazing chiropractors. They care so much about their patients and love what they do. Dr. Krysta adjusted me during my pregnancy and now adjusts myself and my baby girl! Plus we love to come in and play with Hartlee.

Shari Lamas Krasovic

Dr. Krysta and Dr. Derek are amazing chiropractors. They care so much about their patients and love what they do. Dr. Krysta adjusted me during my pregnancy and now adjusts myself and my baby girl! Plus we love to come in and play with Hartlee.

Barb Salazar

Dr. Krysta is a wonderful person and it shows in her work she's very compassionate and caring. Dr. Derek is also very passionate doctor they make a great team and I just love going over there to visit after my appointment Renée is a sweet person. Seeing the baby girl is a bonus

Jackie Melasecca

Dr. Krysta is one of the most compassionate people I know. My 2.5 year old loves her and she is amazing with my infant, she got him off oxygen within two visits. I highly believe in chiropractic care and everything it's about. Definitely go see them, they will make you feel amazing!

Megan Claire Messenger

Dr. Krysta is one of the most compassionate people I know. My 2.5 year old loves her and she is amazing with my infant, she got him off oxygen within two visits. I highly believe in chiropractic care and everything it's about. Definitely go see them, they will make you feel amazing!

Stephanie Abeyta

I feel like SUPERWOMAN when I get adjusted! My body feels best with regular adjustments! Thank you Dr. Krysta!

Katy Johnson

I am so thankful for the care I receive at Longevity. Dr. Krysta has kept me going through my half-marathon training and I wouldn't be able to keep running and feel as good as I do with out her. Thank You Thank you!

Krista Wilks

I cant say enough good things. They have helped both my wife and me. But what I am most thankful for is their willingness to help my parents. Because my mom can go in for appointments, she goes to her!!!! Thank you Derek and Krista for all you do!!!!

John DiPrince

Most quality medical practices keep patients because they are good at what they do... Longevity's stated goal is to lose patients because they are great at what they do; I am on my way... Thanks Longevity!

Eric Morgan

Never have had such a great experience at a Chiropractic office! Can't say enough good things!!

Julie Nelson

Best chiropractors EVER! Plus truly genuine people, hard to find good doctors these day let alone ones who are sincerely in the practice for the right reason! Thanks Krysta & Derek, you guys are awesome!

Adra DiPrince

I am very impressed by Longevity Chiropractic. My 2 year old daughter started seeing Dr. Krysta in October for digestive problems she has been struggling with since birth. After 3 treatments and some dietary changes we saw significant progress. The initial exam was very detailed, Dr. Krysta took her time and my daughter absolutely loves her. Dr. Krysta provided us with some dietary information that has so far proven to benefit not only my daughters health but our whole family.
Since that time not only have I become a patient but also my 9 year old son. He is very active in karate and hockey and has been seeing Dr. Krysta for preventative treatments. My son says he likes Dr. Krysta because, "She is really nice and she is gentle when she adjusts me."
Personally, I cannot say enough about Dr. Krysta and Dr. Derek. The office is open, warm, & welcoming. Dr. Derek and Dr. Krysta are not only professional and very knowledgeable but they are down to earth and make you feel like friends instead of patients. These Drs. are not only an asset to the community of Pueblo but all of the surrounding areas.

Crystal Smith Ciruli

Two if the most genuine and compassionate professionals I know! Not only does Longevity Chiropractic provide an energetic and warming environment, but thw care that you will receive with Dr. Derek and Dr. Krysta is thorough and a wonderful experience! Whether you have serious pain or are just lokking to improve your health and overall personal care, this is the place for you! Both Stickler's have a true passion for the science of Chiropractic and for their patients!g areas.

Felicia C

I brought my teen daughter in after months of not knowing why her side was protruding.  She is a serious competitive dancer and it looked like she might have to miss the National Championships.  Dr. Stickler spent a good amount of time diagnosing her problems and listening and learning about the demands of her sport.  After one adjustment, she felt well enough to go back to dance after over a month in bed.  She continues regular treatment, but he has helped her with her skeletal muscular issues as well as digestion, nutrition, and even anxiety.  And she competed and placed at Nationals.  Highly recommended for sports medicine.

Kate Daneluk

I have been struggling with multiple problems for most of my life, including ankle pain, hip pain, back pain (lower and mid), arthritis, and chronically torn/damaged ligaments. I am a difficult patient to say the least.
I was at my wits end with relentless leg cramps, a hip pain that kept me awake all hours of the night and I was not able to do the very basic of day to day activities due to my limited mobility.
I was so glad that I found Longevity Chiropractic; I felt a vast improvement the very first session and now, I am able to feel comfortable during the day, and sleep peacefully nights, I am very excited to see how much more I can improve as I continue treatments.
Finding relief from pain can be challenging and frustrating but if you are struggling, I highly recommend making an appointment right away and talking with the chiropractors at Longevity chiropractic; Dr. Derick or Dr. Krysta. Their office is clean, their staff is welcoming, their prices are reasonable, and they are professional, there are no high pressure sales or gimmicks and their concern is genuinely about getting you better. Thanks Longevity!

Linda C.

Dr. Derek and Dr. Krista are amazing. Dr. Derek is working with my 14 year old son who was having severe back and stomach pain due to a football injury. My son is a thousand times better. His back is greatly improved and his stomach pain is completely gone. Dr. Krista is working with my 17 year old daughter who has scoliosis and the improvements are stunning. I have been a registered nurse for 24 years and I am impressed. These two listen to their patients and give clear and concise instructions for home care. We love their work!!!

Noelle Daniels

Longevity Chiropractic has been career saving for me, I am a professional duathlete and an elite triathlete. The care that I have received at Longevity has been thorough, professional and effective. This is the first race season that I have not dealt with an injury and I credit that to receiving excellent care.

Jasmine Carlson

When I became pregnant with my second child, I noticed right away trouble with my tail bone and lower back.  I went in to see Dr. Krysta when I was about 5 months pregnant and she worked with me and my pregnant body to make my pregnancy more enjoyable!  She worked wonders and truly cared about making me feel better.  Now pregnant with baby #3, I have been seeing her on a regular basis and am enjoying it fully!  She has taken the time to get to the root of my pain problems and I would recommend any mommy to be, to see her throughout their pregnancy and after!  
I have also brought both of my children to her and plan on bringing my third shortly after he is born!  When my second was an infant, she had a cry that was more than hunger or tiredness.  She was in pain.  Right away Dr. Krysta knew she was out of alignment and we worked together to help her feel better.  My daughter was a different person when we walked out of the office that day.  The crying of pain stopped and I can't thank Dr. Krysta enough for helping her!  She continually sees both of my children and they love going to the chiropractor!!

Mallory Swanson

I was lucky about 2 1/2 years ago to be at a Crossfit competition that Dr. Derek and Dr. Krysta was donating their time too. I realized then after having them adjust me and work out my soreness I had found my chiropractor. What I love about them is that they have specific techniques that help me with my workouts. If you are an athlete I highly recommend them. The other thing is that they work with getting me in when I need an adjustment because I have a crazy work schedule. The great thing is that they work on infants to adults.

Michelle Mather

 I initially came to Longevity for help with a shoulder injury.  Thanks to the care I received, I recovered much more quickly and completely than I expected.  I continue to be a regular patient here.  Since receiving regular chiropractic care, so many aspects of my life have improved--my immune system, my joints, my Crossfit performance.  I have recommended Longevity to several friends who have all had positive experiences.  This is a great place for those new to chiropractic care!

John Gardner

In years past, I've had 3 separate arthroscopic procedures on my knees to remove loose floating pieces of cartilage that would at times get caught in the joint.  More recently, I again experienced what I believed was the same frustrating condition in my right knee.  After dealing with this familiar discomfort for several months, I was planning on a visit to the orthopedic surgeon.  Fortunately, after adjusting my back, Dr. Derek asked me, "Is anything else bothering you?"  I hesitantly described what was going on with my knee, not thinking chiropractic solutions could play any role at all.  That was 3 months ago and that was the last day my knee bothered me.   Loren Sites - I have constant back issues. Dr. Derrick has got me to a place where I can maintain and live a healthy lifestyle. They not only adjust your back, but they work with the tissue surrounding the spine to help give you lasting relief. If you are in pain don't even hesitate give them a call today. Your body will thank you!!

Kevin Keilbach

I've been treated by many, many chiropractors and know there are different approaches and intentions in the field.
Without a doubt both Dr. Krysta and Dr. Derek Stickler have their patients' best interests in mind at all times.  
That means getting people well and functioning back to normal as soon as possible.
And often quicker than you'd even think possible!
Whether it's sports injuries which Dr. Derek specializes with, pregnancy pains and issues as well as young children's needs which Dr. Krysta specializes in,
or all the common conditions you'd go to a chiropractor for like neck and back pain, disc issues, nerve irritation, back strains or headache,
Drs. Stickler will get you well and keep you well. I trust them fully and recommend you call them if you are suffering with a condition above.You won't be let down.

Josh Wagner

Over the years I had developed some stiffness and discomfort in my right hip, probably as a result of some long distance commuting and prolonged sitting. Also I had some loss of flexibility and weakness in my right knee as a result of sports injuries. After a few sessions with Dr. Derek Stickler I have noticeable improvement in flexibility and less discomfort. I had been somewhat skeptical of chiropractors until Krysta and Derek made a presentation at my workplace. I was impressed with them and their total health approach. I haven't been disappointed.

Jim Whitmire

They are great to work with! No high pressure sales type environment we can come in as we feel we need to. Dr Derek has worked some magic on this 42 year old, auto mechanic, cross fitter want to be. Thank you for all you've done for my wife Tonia and working her through her injury.  We don't know what we would do without you guys in our corner helping us stay healthy...

Willis Gipson-Figueroa

I have suffered with back issues for over 20 years, and have seen chiropractors off and on throughout that time.  Dr. Derek was different than all of my past experiences, not just interested in cracking my back and scheduling another appointment, but in truly fixing my issue and getting my body healed.  After four appointments, I was 90% better and haven't needed to go back!  Longevity will treat you great and do everything they can to help your body get back to normal.  Give them a try, you will not be disappointed.

David Tye

Dr. Derek and Dr. Krysta are great!  Dr. Derek always takes the time to make sure that he understands where my pain is and that I am taken care of.  He has even met me on a Saturday when I was having a lot of pain.  Dr. Krysta is always willing to take the time to answer any questions.  Just today she took the time to tell me about some things to try out to help with some issues I am having.  Thank you to Dr. Derek and Dr. Krysta for always taking the time to help me and take care of me!  I highly suggest a visit to Longevity Chiropractic!

Amanda McPherson 

The staff is very professional. Very welcoming and have their clients health as their number one priority. Highly recommend them to anyone.

Michelle Lujan