Dr. Krysta Stickler

Dr. Krysta Stickler

Position: Doctorate of Chiropractic

Dr. Krysta Stickler is a Pueblo native.  She has always had an interest in caring for infants and children, originally wanting to become a nurse.

 After a simple career test in high school, her career path changed when Chiropractic was listed as her top four recommendations.  From there she began shadowing local chiropractors and fell in love with the profession.  She had no idea how it would change her entire life, however, in a deeper way.

It wasn’t until she was already studying chiropractic at Parker University in Dallas, TX that she learned how taking away emotional, physical, and chemical stressors from the body allows the body to heal itself, without intervention or medications.  Her own ailments she had dealt with her whole life…allergies, knee and hip pain, stomach problems…were resolving with proper nutrition, stress management, exercising, and above all, regular chiropractic adjustments.  This led her to her to become very passionate about healing the body in a more natural way.

Dr. Krysta then took additional training in pediatrics and maternity to follow her dream of helping families achieve a greater level of health.  Especially after experiencing chiropractic while pregnant with her first child, she combines chiropractic adjustments specific to maternity and infant needs, along with nutrition and exercise, to make the experience of being pregnant and caring for a newborn much more enjoyable.